You Already have the Bag💰 to Win!

By January 29, 2021Inspiration

What do you mean?

Women, we were are readily equipped with the tools and resources to receive abundance. The cars, Job, the relationships, the partnerships, the collaborations are within us. God has given us value to give to others for us to receive our abundance in monetary value. Well, I’m guessing you are looking to receive it in the natural, yes I understand. You my sister and whoever else is out there listening ask themselves that same thing. How do I get what’s is within me out and into the bank to receive the bag?

The resources are giving to us all without limitations however there is a process that we all need to adopt within our hearts and how to understand it.

Within my 28-day challenge listed below 👇 in this blog post, I will show you and different perspective on how to receive from whatever you are doing right now. If you own a barbershop or have a ministry, It is important to adopt new behaviors within us to continue on a different perspective and walk into it. Join me for February on how to begin to open up your mindset to receive your abundance every day.



Process of Loving Yourself



Process of Understanding Your Value



Process of Understanding Your Inner Circle



The Value of Mentorship and Accountability



Questions and takeaways