Centered in Christ Compilation | Complied By Dr. Annette West


A compilation book from 9 powerful women of God.

Jesus Christ is to be the center of everything. When embracing Christ, the believer learns to commit to Him and depend on Him. Often, people get caught up in doctrine, theology, and tradition. However, a Christ-centered life is one in which each person develops a personal relationship with Him—thereby recognizing that He is the source of life and living.

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In this book, we discuss the revelation that Jesus Christ is the very center of everything. Everything revolves around Christ, focuses on Him, testifies about Him, and points to Him. We must be gospel-centered. After all, Jesus indicated that all of Scripture is about His redemptive work, and that life eternal is to know the only true God.
The gospel, the good news, is how God conveys His benefits to His people. Including forgiveness of sins and the absence of shame and guilt. Christ wants us to become immersed in the wonder-working power of God. He wants us to take the time to learn and develop characteristics that align with Christ Jesus’ example.
We have the New Testament to remind us that when we become saved, there is the expectation of how to live daily—keeping Christ Jesus first in our lives—embracing His fullness in the Father, Son, Holy Spirit. This way of living also includes loving Him with our whole being and loving others as we love ourselves.

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