Current Situation

By October 12, 2020Inspiration

Our current situation is combined with homeschooling with our children, working from home with hubby, creating new projects and partnerships while staying positive throughout at all. So many hats to wear! What do I choose to focus on?


This list seems like it’s not very big however, each one represents more if explained.

Business: current partnerships and projects, collaborations, new developments, and opportunities.

Relationships: marriage, children, colleagues, mentors, and mentees, etc.

Health: mental and physical, therapy, wellness, etc.

There is a lot to look at it!!!


I have learned to change to a new perspective. I currently am deciding to move forward what this new normal with a Spirit of Positivity.

That what has been given to me and look forward to how our Creator views this. New beginnings, new opportunities, begin to make these lemons into lemonade! Allow God to create a new way for you to see things.

It will bless your life in your journey! Begin to Create!!

Blessings Keisha